1645 The Taking of Tiverton, with the Castle, Church, and Fort
1696 The Lawfulness and Use of Organs in the Christian Church
1732 An Account of the Late Dreadful Fire at Tiverton in the County of Devon
1789 The Topographer, For The Year 1789
1790 Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish of Tiverton... (Dunsford)
1792 Donations of Peter Blundell, Founder, and other Benefactors to the Free Grammar...
1796 The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture
1810 The Worthies of Devon
1819 Picturesque Views on the River Exe
1822 Magna Britannia - Vol 6 - Devonshire
1822 Magna Britannia - Vol 6 Part II - Devonshire
1823 Cursory Observations on the Charters Granted to the Inhabitants of Tiverton...
1829 Tiverton Castle, or, The Siege of Tiverton in 1645
1829 The History of Devonshire from the Earliest Period to the Present
1835 The Life and Adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew
1836 Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish of Tiverton... (Boyce)
1836 A Pedestrian Tour of Thirteen Hundred and Forty-Seven Miles Through Wales and...
1840 Ecclesiastical Antiquities in Devon
1844 Pigot and Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography
1845 A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX with a Pedigree of Most of Its Gentry
1845 The History of Tiverton in the County of Devon, Vol. I (Harding)
1847 The History of Tiverton in the County of Devon, Vol. II (Harding)
1847 Speech of Lord Viscount Palmerston to the Electors of Tiverton on the 31st July, 1847
1847 The Trial and Condemnation of Lord Viscount Palmerston at Tiverton
1848 Hunt & Co.'s Directory & Topography for the Cities of Exeter and Bristol
1850 History, Gazetteer & Directory of Devonshire
1851 Report to the General Board of Health on a Preliminary Inquiry into the Sewerage...
1851 The Mighty Curative Powers of Mesmerism
 Bibliotheca Devoniensis: A Catalogue of the Printed Books Relating to the County of Devon
1853 Slater's Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography
1853 Statutes of the Colleges of Oxford...
1856 Handbook for Travellers in Devon and Cornwall
1859 An Account of the Tiverton Election, 29th April, 1859
1860 Public School Education: A Lecture Delivered at the Athenaeum, Tiverton
1862 Views in Devonshire and Cornwall
1867 A History of the Machine-Wrought Hosiery and Lace Manufactures
1877 The Ancient Sepulchral Effigies and Monumental and Memorial Sculpture of Devon
1879 History, Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Devon
1879 The Blundellian, Issues 1-18
1883 Art in Devonshire: With the Biographies of Artists Born in that County
 Kelly's Directory of Devonshire & Cornwall
1891 A History of Epidemics in Britain: From A. D. 664 to the Extinction of Plague
1892 The Chronicles of Twyford (Snell)

1895 Tiverton and District Directory
1892 The Peasant Speech of Devon
1899 A Book of the West: Being an Introduction to Devon and Cornwall
1900 French Prisoners' Lodges: A Brief Account of Twenty-Six Lodges and Chapters...
1900 Nummits and Crummits: Devonshire Customs, Characteristics, and Folk-lore
1900 The Book of Fair Devon
1902 Kelly's Directory of Devon & Cornwall - Part 1: Devon
1904 The Register of Blundell's School - Part 1. The Register, 1770-1882
1904 Blundell's Worthies
1904 Memorials of Old Devonshire
1910 Cambridge County Geographies: Devonshire
1910 The London Devonian Year Book for the Years 1910 to 1912
1913 The Devonian Year Book for the Years 1913 to 1915
1914 Kelly's Directory of Devon & Cornwall - Part 1. Devon: County & Localities
1914 Kelly's Directory of Devon & Cornwall - Part 2. Devon: Private Resident & Trade...
1916 The Devonian Year Book for the Years 1916 to 1918
2014 Devon Historic Coastal and Market Towns Survey - Tiverton

The books highlighted in bold represent the core reference titles.

Downloading Books
All of the sites linked to allow you to download complete PDF copies of the books for offline use or to use a better reader. Some sites offer additional formats also.

  • Internet Archive - Scroll down and there is a box on the right-hand side titled "Download Options". There are usually multiple formats available.

  • Google Books - Click on the cog in the top-right corner and select "Download PDF".

  • University of Leicester - Click on the downward-pointing arrow icon on the right-hand side and select "All" to download a complete PDF copy.

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