Thursday, 9 September 2021

The Crow Hill Spectre

A reference to Tiverton in the Evening Times from 5 January 1980 caught my eye. The article is about a ghost haunting Crow Hill Cottage, occupied by a tenant called Gerald Hawkins. The cottage is described as being "remote" and "near Tiverton". Although it says the cottage fell into disrepair from 1933, I can find no historical reference to a cottage of that name in the Tiverton area. And why did the story resurface in a Glasgow based newspaper in the 1980s?

Beginnings of Cycling in Tiverton

The Tiverton Museum article on page 21 in this month's edition of the Mid Devon One Magazine is all about the development of cycling in Tiverton and the surrounding area.

Velocipede (or Boneshaker) - 1860s
To supply all of these cyclists, there were a number of makers and sellers of bicyles in Mid Devon. Tiverton had Woodgates Manufacturers, Frank Watson of Gold Street, Hannabuss of West Exe cycle agent and repairer, Mark Howe of Townsend cycle engineer and Stubbbs’ cycle works on Barrington Street.