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    • Isabella de Redvers, Countess of Devon (1237–1293), countess who bequeathed the Town Leat, was born at Tidcombe.
    • John Greenway (c.1460–1529), a wealthy wool merchant and benefactor of the church.
    • Peter Blundell (1520–1601), merchant clothier whose bequest founded Blundell's School.
    • George Slee (died 1613), merchant clothier who built The Great House and bequeathed Slee's Almshouses.
    • Peter Sainthill (1593–1648), Member of Parliament for Tiverton as a Royalist politician
    • Richard Newte (1613–1678), Anglican clergyman, son of Henry Newte the elder, Tiverton's first post-Restoration town clerk.
    • Arthur Arscott (1683–1762), MP for Tiverton (1722-47)
    • Theophilus Polwhele (died 1689), religious controversialist, once a priest in Tiverton, later first minister of the Steps Meeting House.
    • Benjamin Incledon (1730–1796), antiquary, trustee of Comyn or Chilcott's school at Tiverton and of Blundell's School, whose first history he wrote.
    • Robert Land (1739–1818), United Empire Loyalist, British spy during the American Revolution, and early settler of Hamilton, Ontario, was born in Tiverton.
    • James Nixon (c. 1741–1812), noted miniature painter, died in Tiverton.
    • Richard Cosway (1742–1821), leading portrait painter of miniatures in the Regency era, was born in Tiverton.
    • Hannah Cowley (1743–1809), playwright and poet born in Tiverton.
    • John Gabriel Stedman (1744–1797), Dutch-born Scottish colonial soldier and author, retired and died in Tiverton.
    • John Heathcoat (1783–1861), industrialist who invented the bobbinet lace machine, founder of Heathcoat Fabrics, MP for Tiverton (1832–59).
    • Lord Palmerston (1784–1865), MP for Tiverton (1835–65) and twice prime minister.
    • John Taylor Coleridge (1790–1876), high court judge and privy councillor, was born in Tiverton.
    • William Romaine Govett (1807–1848), surveyor of unexplored country in New South Wales, returned to his birthplace of Tiverton.
    • Edward Capern (1819–1894), postman and poet, born in Tiverton.
    • John Cross (1819–61), artist of metrit, born in Tiverton.
    • Sir John Heathcoat-Amory (1829–1914), first of the Heathcoat-Amory baronets.
    • William Wreford (1833-1926), American pioneer instrumental in the development of Detroit
    • George Henry Braund (1836-1890), photographer who had a studio in Tiverton.
    • Richard Blundell Comins (1848–1919), Anglican missionary in the Solomon Islands, was born in Tiverton.
    • Frank R. Gooding (1859–1928), seventh Governor of Idaho and US Senator from Idaho, was born in Tiverton.
    • George Burrington (1864–1942), first-class cricketer, was born in Tiverton.
    • Francis Bateman-Champain (1877–1942), first-class cricketer, died in Tiverton.
    • Thomas Henry Sage VC (1882–1945), was born and died in Tiverton.
    • Ronald Squire (1886–1958), famous film and stage actor, was born in Tiverton. 
    • George Jennings (1895–1959), first-class cricketer, was born in Tiverton.
    • Alfred Toye VC (1897–1955), spent his later years in Tiverton.
    • Joyce Wethered, Lady Heathcoat-Amory (1901–97), leading British woman golfer of the inter-war period.
    • J. D. Salinger (1919–2010), author of The Catcher in the Rye, spent three months in Tiverton waiting for D Day in the spring of 1944.
    • Bobby G (born 1953), singer with the Eurovision-winning '80s pop group Bucks Fizz
    • Martyn Rogers (born 1955), professional footballer, manager of Tiverton F.C. for 18 years, returning in 2014.
    • Mark Labbett (born 1965), television personality, was born in Tiverton.
    • Gareth Townsend (born 1968), first-class cricketer, was born in Tiverton.
    • Pete Vuckovic (born 1971), singer/songwriter, was born in Tiverton.

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