Friday 7 May 2021

Tiverton Communal Cleaning Days

From Snell (1892) listing the first set of town byelaws in 1627 on page 111:
It is further ordered and agreed that every inhabitant or dweller within ye pcincts of this Liberty shall from henceforth every Tuesday in ye forenoon and every Saturday in ye afternoon cause ye Street lying or being before his or her dwelling house, Yost (?) or ground within ye said Towne of Tiverton, by all the length or breadth of his house or ground to ye middle of ye Street, to be clean swept and cleansed and shall not at any time from henceforth suffer any Dounge, dirt, soyle, or any other noisome thing to lye in ye same Street before his or her dwelling house or ground, but shall remove or carry the same within one day next after notice hereof being given by the Mayor or any officer by ye said Mayor Appointed, upon paine to forfeit or lose for every Such offence Twelve Pence, to be levied as aforesaid.

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